Saturday, June 22, 2024

Thugs Robbed 5000 Chickens in Rawalpindi

Robbers escaped with 5000 chickens in Rawalpindi. Twelve masked robbers came to the poultry farm, locked everyone in the bathroom, and escaped with the chickens.

According to the report, a very unique incident of robbery occurred in Rawalpindi. At the poultry farm, robbers escaped with 5000 chickens.  

Following a robbery in the Tabi Sayedan area of Jatli police station, a poultry owner filed a police complaint.According to the owner of the poultry farm, the robbers came riding on 3 Shahzoor wagons and 2 motorcycles and escaped with five thousand chickens from the poultry farm.  

According to the statement given to the police, there were twelve masked robbers who came to the poultry farm and locked everyone in the washroom and escaped with the chickens.

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