Saturday, December 2, 2023

TikTok Introduces New Text Feature to Compete with Twitter

TikTok has made a new change to its platform, allowing users to write longer text updates, similar to Twitter’s Fleets and Meta’s Threads. Now, users can post up to 1,000 characters of text to share their thoughts and experiences in more detail. They can add sound and location markers to these text posts, and other users can comment on and share them, just like they do with photos and videos.

This change is part of the trend where social media platforms copy each other’s features to attract more users and stay competitive. For example, Meta’s Threads became very popular quickly, and Twitter made changes to how many posts non-paying users can make in a day.

Smaller social media apps have also tried to compete with bigger ones like Twitter, but imitation is a common strategy to stay relevant and keep up with what users want. Instagram copied Snapchat with its Stories feature, and Instagram and YouTube made features inspired by TikTok, called Reels and Shorts.

As the competition among big social media companies gets tougher, users can expect more updates and new ideas to keep them interested and engaged on these platforms.

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