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Tips From Inspired by NEO to Give Your Home a Lasting Facelift

They say that first impressions are usually the last. Whether you want your home to stand out for guest visiting or want to list the property for prospective future owners, there is no other element that makes a statement quite like a fresh coat of paint.

Most people opt for a fresh coat of paint because it can instantly transform the look of a property’s exterior, boost kerb appeal, and add value to it. Painting is the way to go if you’re looking to give your home a facelift.

The importance of exterior paints

Summers are a particularly harsh season and the mercury continues to rise gradually as time goes on. The peak temperatures can take a toll on the exterior of your home, fading the color and overall taking the impressiveness of the façade down a notch.

Moreover, with monsoons, there is another natural element at play that can damage exterior paints quite considerably. Therefore, giving your home a refreshing new look is always a great investment during this time.

And when it comes to premium quality paints, NEO offers an extensive range of 1500+ colors, making sure that you always find the right shade for any theme. Here are a few tips to get your home’s exterior just right:

  1. Do your research

When it comes to choosing a colour scheme for your home’s exterior, it is worth doing your research before getting started. For example, look at other homes in your neighborhood for inspiration and take into consideration the type of materials used on your house (brick, cement, stucco, etc.)

The research is not just about the shades but also about the quality of paints out there. Paint can be a long-term investment if your research is done right. Not only does it help avoid wear and tear but NEO, with its advanced technology, help reduce the impact of natural elements like heat, humidity, and rain on the exterior.

Considering colors and shades, research helps you pick the best fit for your home. If you want something more daring than neutral tones, consider using an accent colour that complements your main theme choice. Select a sunny shade to bring year-round cheer and remember to be cautious with dark shades in warm climates. With NEO, you have choices ranging from Golden to Ivory and Sahara Sands, just to name a few that are worth considering.

  • Take other external factors into consideration

It is important to look at the natural elements surrounding the house. The rule of thumb is to paint your house with the colours of the natural surroundings of your property like adjacent houses, trees, mountains or the ocean, in case you have a waterfront property. This is one of the main reasons why blue properties can often be seen in coastal regions and mountainous areas that have a lot more use of brown. It helps your home look more natural—like it belongs. To create an appearance that makes your house look bigger consider bright, light colours which reflect light to make your property seem larger than it is.

NEO is also available in K-Spectrum. You can visualize and create your own custom colour with the advanced K-Spectrum technology, which can create a wide range of colours to give you unlimited possibilities. 

A sensible guide is to choose two to three colours, one for the trim, one for the body, and perhaps a third for accenting. You could also consider going bold with your roof colour.

  • Find the perfect shade then sample

With NEO, you have the option to sample different shades on a larger surface so that you get an idea of what the actual finish will look like. Also, painting the samples onto poster boards will give you a large surface area of colour to test in different lighting positions. This step helps you considerably lower your options and land on a few colours that depict the theme you’ve created in your mind.

It is highly recommended viewing the colours as realistic samples because paint is not something that is changed after short intervals or multiple times during a year. Therefore, before you invest in a particular colour, test it out at length through sampling.

  • Opt for high quality materials

When picking a paint, especially for the exterior of a property, it is important to consider options that offer the best quality possible. NEO’s premium quality paints not only offer an elegant and luxurious vibe to the home but also provide long-lasting finishes. The colors are able to withstand weathering effects and dirt build-up with enhanced anti-fungal and anti-algae properties, while continuing to hold their original shine.

NEO is not only cost effective but helps save you a lot of hassle too. It helps you avoid the nuisance of spending money on a repaint almost every season. The carefully calibrated ingredients and enhanced protection from NEO robustly withstands seasonal changes, giving you a sense of peace while saving you money over the long-run.

  • Impress with exterior decor

Alongside your stunning NEO exterior colour, think about maintaining your garden and have a tidy-up. Don’t forget to make windows sparkle too. Your window décor helps to unify paint colours so think about pots on the sills in a shade that matches your door or window. Consider too the outdoor wall décor that fits with the style of your home. Great options include lanterns and wall plants.

Depending on how much space you have it can be a lovely touch to include outdoor ornaments and furniture. Remember, nothing says ‘welcome’ like a home that looks lovingly cared for.

So, with these tips in mind, are you ready to give your home some stand-out personality? And if you are wondering where to find NEO colors/dealers, visit the website for all the details and more.

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