Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Titan Passenger Suleman Dawood Took Rubik’s Cube on Board Sub to Break World Record

The mother of Suleman Dawood revealed that his son took a Rubik’s cube with him on their journey to the Titanic wreck so that he can make a world record for solving it at 3,700 meters below the sea.

Suleman Dawood lost his life tragically along with his father Shahzada Dawood on their journey towards the Titanic wreck. Suleman was 19 years old, a first-year student at Strathclyde University.

Christine Dawood, the mother of Suleman also expressed his son’s excitement about making this world record of solving the Rubik’s cube in just 12 seconds to make it to the list of Guinness World Records. Suleman’s father also took a camera to capture him solving Rubik’s cube in the depths of the ocean.

Christine also revealed that his son was fond of Rubik’s cube and would take it with him wherever he went. She also shared the huge excitement of her husband Shahzada Dawood to embark on the journey.

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