Friday, June 2, 2023

Titanic Returns to the Big Screen in 4K 3D for a Limited Time on February 10

To commemorate its 25th anniversary, James Cameron’s Titanic is returning to theatres in a remastered form. In advance of Valentine’s Day this year, the legendary disaster movie will be shown on television for a brief period of time on Friday, February 10, according to Paramount Pictures.

The movie’s domestic rights were acquired by Paramount last year after Disney announced a 3D, 4K, HDR, and high-frame international re-release of the box office sensation. Disney also scheduled the re-release for February 10 this year to coincide with the catastrophe film’s 25th anniversary, which was observed in 2022.

Fans will have the opportunity to see Jack and Rose’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) relationship on several occasions (Kate Winslet)

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