Thursday, July 18, 2024

Titanic Tourist Submarine Goes Missing with 2 Pakistanis on Board & Only 70 Hours of Oxygen Left

Rescue operations are taking place as teams from the United States and Canada join forces to find a tourist submarine that has gone missing in the Atlantic Ocean. The submarine was carrying five tourists who were on a trip to explore the Titanic wreckage site. Unfortunately, the submarine has a limited oxygen supply, estimated to last only 70-96 hours. The search teams are working tirelessly to locate the submarine and rescue its occupants.

Among the passengers on the missing submersible is Shahzada Dawood, the Vice Chairman of the Engro Board of Directors, who is known for his involvement in international networks like the World Economic Forum. Shahzada Dawood’s son, Suleman, was also on board the submarine. The Dawood family has released a statement confirming that Shahzada Dawood and his son were on a journey to visit the remnants of the Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean. Currently, there is no communication with the submarine, and limited information is available about their exact location. The search for the missing passengers is ongoing.

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