Saturday, April 20, 2024

To combat corruption, the government is automating the USC

On Tuesday, the secretary of industry and production informed a Senate subcommittee that the Utility Stores Corporation (USC) is corrupt since its items are allegedly sold on the open market.

“In addition, a significant amount of inventory in the USC was apparently damaged,” the secretary told Senator Faisal Sabzwari’s Senate Standing Committee on Industries and Production.

“However, the USC is being automated to solve these concerns. “Cards will also be distributed at the retailers to ensure that consumers receive targeted subsidies,” he added.

In Pakistan, twenty-one mobile businesses have begun operations. Samsung also plans to open a mobile assembly plant in Pakistan in the next six months, according to Ministry officials who briefed the committee. Electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure have been given tax breaks, and the government has abolished taxes and fees on EVs.

They went on to say that claims of under-invoicing for electric vehicles are prevalent. They claimed that customs had set the average import price for electric vehicles, as well as levying additional charges.

Senator Faisal Sabzwari stated that the pricing of vehicles exempt from taxes and customs fees have not decreased significantly.

The prime minister has taken notice of an increase in tractor prices, according to the standing committee, and the government is taking corrective action.

The committee was informed that the government was taking initiatives to promote the usage of small vehicles in the hopes of encouraging people to convert from motorcycles to them.

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