Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Email and Calendar features to be introduced by Zoom

If we speak about the present situation, working from home has become the new normal since the pandemic started. Various applications for video meetings are widely used. Not only for office meeting purposes, but rather to be excited to see your loved ones, although the video meeting apps play a significant role from a distance in uniting us all on video calls. Zoom is an American company that works to provide an app that is easy to use and to connect without any difficulties with your loved ones. The app which was released on April 21, 2011, now has 300 million active users. In addition, the company received the “Best Company for diversity 2019 award”, last year.

The Company has always been motivated to do better by the increasing number of users and recognition of its efforts. As first mentioned by TheInformation – Zoom, two new features are expected to be added in the app: Email and Calendar. The company said that in the coming year, the Email feature would soon be available to you.

Rumors of Zoom adding features such as email, texting, and video calling to the single platform have spread. This new feature, just like Google Meet and Microsoft teams, is expected to bring Zoom to a lot more users. And after the pandemic is over, the email function is added to let users to come.

In addition, the company was already planning to bring e-mail to the app before this news was made official. After the Email feature has been released, there are high possibilities for adding the calendar feature.

The aim behind this new feature’s roll-out is that the company wants to succeed and be in a better position in the future than its competing companies. These two features will help companies expand, thereby attracting more users to the app. The update will be a lifesaver for Zoom, since after the pandemic, it will be used the same way as it is now used.

The company has also been collaborating with third-party companies such as Asana and Dropbox. The sad news, however is that technology analysts say that Zoom will have to face tough times from its competitive companies such as Google and Microsoft, if the project fails to impress users.

The company may seem to copy Google with its own mail feature, but the company said it is working on how to bring creativity to emails.

It is still to be seen how well the role will work to help companies plan their meetings, submit documents via emails and video calls for app meetings.

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