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Top 10 Motivational Speakers in Pakistan 2022

The trend of motivational speakers in Pakistan is increasing rapidly. In Pakistan motivational speakers are the ones who motivate as well as inspire other through their speech or counseling that usually help others to stay motivated and to shine without any worry of thinking negative or working with their imperfections to achieve the goals in life.

These speakers deliver powerful speeches that easily change the mindset of other and it also help them to achieve what they want. A person with any specific inferiority can also boost with his/her personality after being motivated for a purpose of life.

A common man will surely polish his/her skills and must be keen to explore new things in the life. Motivational speakers also succor people to just overcome their depression easily and to come back to their normal life.

Depression and anxiety has become the most common factor in 2022 that is harming the personal health of a person. The pandemic and lockdowns due to it have also created a negative impact on the minds of people due to which they are unable to come out of their feel of anxiety and depression.

Top Motivational Speakers

The top motivational speakers of Pakistan in 2022 are tremendously playing their role to help others to get up back and enjoy the phases of life.

Motivation is required to keep the life on a right track. Self-motivation is essential, however, if the other motivational speakers inspire you through their personal life experiences or through the counseling then that also is considered to be a great support to life.


Many children and teenagers today seeks the guidance from others where they want ones who understands their perceptions of life and motivates them to do what they want to do in their journey of life. The youth of Pakistan is suffering from depression as every one out of four is facing anxiety or depression.

The main cause of suicide is the mental illness that people are facing today. People usually find easy ways to end their issues or problems, not their life. These people must listen to top motivational speakers in order to get solutions to their issues like their mental problems.

For any motivational speaker content is what actually matters the most. Just like the choice of words that you choose to convince others and this is uniquely and inspiringly done by the ones who are on the top of the list.

Many new motivational speakers have stated adopting this as a profession because they are earning well from the sessions or the seminars that mostly the colleges, universities or even offices conduct in order to have a healthy impact on the minds of students and employees.

Salman Asif Siddiqui, Dr. Javed Iqbal, and Ahmed Ali Awan and Javed Chaudhry are also among the finest and best motivational speakers. The country is blessed with talented people who are motivating others to live their lives in a better way.

List of Motivational Speakers in Pakistan

Following is a list of the most intellectual top 10 motivational speakers of Pakistan 2022, who are inspiring and motivating other by serving the society with their best content. The best motivational speakers of Pakistan are:

  1. Qasim Ali Shah
  2. Umair Jaliawala
  3. Qaiser Abbas
  4. Muniba Mazari
  5. Hammad Safi
  6. Shaykh Atif Ahmed
  7. Tanzila Khan
  8. Sadaqat Ali
  9. Shahid Ullah
  10. Zaydan Khan

Qasim Ali Shah


Qasim Ali Shah is among the top and finest motivational speakers of Pakistan that holds a place as an inspirational speaker. Pakistan is a country where he is playing his vital role in making society a better place to live where people could appreciate their own thoughts and values.

According to the official sources, Ali is the one who helped people positively in making their lives much better and also help them to achieve their dreams through his inspirational speeches and directions of each phase of life.

Qasim is not only a motivational speaker; however, he is also a coach, consultant, writer, public speaker, teacher, a corporate trainer, and he is also a leader who has a strong team. He has written several books.

He has also an exposure on writing books that are related to success stories as well as the self-discovery titles. Some of his most famous books that have a demand in society are listed below.

Books written by Qasim Ali Shah

  • Bari Manzil Ka Musafir – For Success
  • Apni Talash– For Self Discovery
  • Zara Num Ho- For Motivational Quotes and verses
  • Apka Bhi Kamiyab Ho Sakta Hai– It is a ‘Complete Guide For the Parents’
  • Kamiyabi Ka Paigham– It is to know ‘How to become successful’

Qaiser Abbas

Among the top 10 best motivational speakers of Pakistan, Qaiser Abbas has set his position. He is an inspiring trainer, officer and a coach who just worked around the world with an aim of its betterment.

His name is on the second place for been the best motivational speaker of the nation; however, he is also known to work with inspiring and the top global gurus such as Marshal Gold Smithhas and Dave Ulrich.

He has written books yet the most famous among them is the ‘’Tick Tock Dollar’. Qaisar is not only serving people through his speeches and counseling; moreover, he is serving them through his writings also.

Books written by Qaiser Abbas

  • Mein Ishq Or Woh
  • Sar Utha Kay Jeo- For Success and Self Believe
  • Tick Tock Dollar- Peak Performance’s 14 Principles
  • Outclass Teams- Secrets of Building a Strong and High-performing Team
  • Shabash Tum Kar Saktay Ho- Who Struggle in Life

Umair Jaliawala

YLC Brings Umair Jaliawala To Encourage Youngsters To Level Up Their Game!  - MediaChowk

He is the best trainer along with a motivational speaker who is inspiring many people of Pakistan. Umair’s passion is to encourage and to motivate people. However, by profession he is a successful entrepreneur.

Umair introduced an organization named “The School of Leadership” when he was just 17 years old.

He just formed it because he had realized that the power of these human connections is very strong; however; he also believes in a fact that humans are not hand-made or even are not man-made, God has made us and we are his creatures.

He is interactive with various corporate organizations. He also works as a coach and a trainer. Marketing, philosophy spirituality, and psychology are his areas of interest. His sessions are worthy as it provides awareness for this life and keep other motivated. His areas of expertise are integration, growth plan, marketing, restraint as well as turnarounds.

Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari is a brave and multi-talented lady. She is the first female motivational speaker of Pakistan. She is also a Pakistani model, an artist and an activist singer who is a social reformer and a television host that has won many hearts by her braveness and speaking power.

She is a shining star of Pakistan who has suffered a hard time in life. When Muniba was only 21, she met with a critical accident and as a result a permanent disability caught her for her rest of the life.

Moreover, she stands strong and never allowed her weakness to just come in front of society and because of this now she is famous worldwide. Muniba is also a national ambassador for the UN Women Pakistan. However, she is one of the best motivational speakers in Pakistan.

Hammad Safi

Meet Hammad Safi, the 11-year-old motivational coach who has Pakistan  enchanted - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

Hammad Safi is a young and talented motivational speaker who is also known as a ‘Nanha professor’. He is only 11 years old; however, he is the youngest motivational speaker of not only Pakistan but the world. He lives in FATA, Pakistan.

Hammad calls himself as an inspirational speaker rather than a motivational speaker. This young kid is inspiring other that nothing is impossible and complicated we make it in our mind that the things are in that way, so we should always think positive as he always says that if he can do it then anyone can do it.

Shaykh Atif Ahmed

He is a motivational speaker as well as a religious scholar of the religion Islam in the Mahad ul Quran, Karachi. He is also a CEO of a religious institute that is named as ‘Al-Midrar institute’ where he teaches spiritual economics along with the principles of science and management.

Atif also teaches about how to struggle in life and to achieve the set goals. He had studied from University of Huston; however, he is also popular as the head of economics in the overseas pioneer.

His motivational speeches has inspired the young generation within the limits of spiritual values that they can do anything in life without the fear of being failed.

Tanzila Khan

Tanzila khan is also one dedicated and a leading female motivational speaker of Pakistan. She is also an inspirational speaker who is in possession of multi-dimensional personality.

Tanzila is also a writer, whereas, she has written a novel with a title of “The story of Mexico”, that is a cross-cultural novel in the Mexico and England.

Sadaqat Ali

Sadaqat was born in the city of Lahore and graduated from the Government College Lahore after that he came to Karachi for the further studies to DOW Medical College.

In 1999, this year his name was officially inducted in the WHO that is an international directory of the professionals. He has also written many books on management and addictions.

Sadaqat Ali is among the top motivational speakers of Pakistan. He is a psychiatrist, an author, and also a TV celebrity who is famous for addiction counseling.

Shahid Ullah


Shahid Ullah is a motivational speaker who was born in KPK, Pakistan. He completed his bachelors’ degree in BE-Electrical Engineering and also completed many of his certificate courses as in trainings.

He is a trainer and a teacher in professional institutes and is also highlighted among the best motivational speakers of the nation.

Zaydan Khan

Zaydan belongs to Quetta and he is now working as a training and development manager at Aizan Development Foundation that is for human rights.

He is a motivational speaker and inspires youth by also sharing his experiences. He is also a brand ambassador of many clothing brands of Pakistan.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
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