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Top 12 Bakeries In Karachi With The Best Cakes!

Cakes resemble a staple food on your table when extraordinary occasions or events. Indeed, it’s an ideal present for somebody praising their birthday or the right sweet during occasions.

Cakes are the superstar on any occasion, be it a wedding, birthday celebration, commemorations, Eid, or a Get-together. Cakes hold such importance that this large number of events is inadequate without them. Besides that, cakes and brownies are a wellspring of help for unpleasant days.

So if people are looking for cakes for an extraordinary event or fulfilling their sweet desires, you have come to the ideal location. This article is an accumulation of the twelve pastry shops with the best cakes in Karachi. These cakes are qualified to be viewed as the best in the city. Below is the list of best cakes in Karachi.

1. Delizia Clifton Block-5 021-111-359-111 PKR 1500-2000/ –
2. Pie in the Sky Bahadurabad 021-34940833 PKR 1500-2000/ –
3. Hobnob Nazimabad Town 021-111462662 PKR 1300-1500/ –
4. Red Riding Hood Bakery Phase 5, DHA 0301-8221933 PKR 1000-1500/ –
5. United Bakery Gulshan Iqbal 021-111-022-022 PKR 1000-1500/ –
6. DelFrio Clifton Block-7 021-111-454-647 PKR 2500-3000/ –
7. Master Cakes Allama Binori Town 021-34916983 PKR 1200-1500/ –
8. Kabajees Bakers Muhammad Ali Society 021-37238220 PKR 1500-2000/ –
9. Delicacy cakes Bihar Muslim Society 021-37710981 PKR 1300-1600/ –
10. Sacha’s Cakes Clifton Block-5 021-3586955 PKR 1800-2000/
11 Yumby Amnah online 0345-277483647 PKR 1800-2000/
12 Aunties Munaver’s Dessert and Savory onllne 0321-474365876 PKR 1500-2000/ –

Pie In The Sky

Pie In The Sky

Pie in the sky is one of the debut pastry shops among its rivals around the city. Their baked good gourmet expert invests heavily in utilising just those top-notch fixings to ensure that you will get wonderfully and delectably made cakes.

They additionally have treats, cupcakes, brownies, lemon bars, pieces of bread and different things ideal for dessert. There are many spots for sweets, yet for delectable cakes that are effectively accessible. It is the best cake shop in Karachi.


Delizia Bakers in Karachi

Being perhaps the best pastry shop, Delizia Bakery offers probably the best cakes in Karachi. They are a flat out #1 of many local people because of the best-quality cakes. The cakes are newly heated and chilled with the new cream, which is the primary source of the faithful clients of the bread shop. Delizia cakes are mouthwatering.

Delizia pastry shop has a wide variety of cakes with revelling flavours. The new and delightful cakes and other pastry kitchen things are standout. The dazzling cakes incorporate red velvet, salted caramel, three milk, espresso, Ferrero rocher, etc. Cakes from Delizia can stamp an excellent finish to your week by removing all your pressure. It is the best cake bakery in Karachi.

Delicacy Cakes

Delicacy Cakes

Delicacy Exclusive Cakes is one of the leading bread shop chains at the core of Karachi. They have some expertise in specially made, tweaked fondant and new cream themed cakes for birthday celebrations, anniversaries, weddings, pre-wedding parties, child showers, congrats and regular cakes.

Yum By Amna

Yum By Amna

Yum by Amna started as an online business; Yum by Amna is by a competent cook named Amna Tauqeer, who has now opened her third shop in Karachi, giving a one-stop answer for all the festival needs.

From perfectly tweaked cakes and treats to style and giveaways, YUM works in birthday celebrations, child showers, wedding parties, graduation celebrations, pastry spreads, and redid cakes.


The Hobnob

Hobnob is a genuine, high-quality bread shop selling heated items at sensible costs. The pastry shop has many branches throughout the city. Hobnob effectively beat the rundown for the best bread shop in Karachi.

The menu comprises delightful indulgences, including sweet cakes, fudge cakes, cream cakes, cupcakes, brownies, baked goods, and other exquisite things. They take special care of each client’s needs, whether they need bread, bites, cakes, or treats.

Toffee Three Milk Cake is a sweet delicacy that makes certain to cause you too long for it whenever you have tasted it. The delicate and wet wipe absorbed three sorts of milk gives a one of a kind of taste to the Cake. The Cake is finished with a layer of whipped cream and enriched with toffee sauce. This exceptional cake is an unquestionable requirement for any occasion.

Kababjees Bakers

Kababjee Bakers in Karachi

Kababjee Bakers, in contrast with other bread kitchen shops, are genuinely new, yet they offer wonderful cakes to their customers. They have a few outlets offering focus points and conveyance administrations across the city. The pastry kitchen professes to involve simply the best elements for their cakes, giving their kindred rivals intense rivalry.

The Kababjee dough punchers have an assortment of food things on their menu, highlighting cakes, cupcakes, brownies, pastries, frozen yoghurt, rolls, chips, nimko, and delicious things. They, without a doubt, offer the yummiest Ferrero Rocher cake with its velvety, chocolaty surface.

Likewise, their salted caramel cake is delectable as well. The rich caramel joined with intense wind, will undoubtedly satisfy you. So if you are searching for the best cakes in Karachi, we suggest Kababjee Bakers.

Red Riding Hood Bakery

Red Riding Hood Bakery

In the primary areas of DHA, Bahadurabad in Karachi, Red Riding Hood Bakery is a bistro cum pastry kitchen offering cakes, cupcakes, pizza, and a wide assortment of hot and cold refreshments.

The bread shop additionally offers administrations of cake customisation for birthday events, weddings, or some other occasions. Among the fresh cakes, a portion of the renowned cakes is Fondant. The delectable chocolate frosting off the Cake immediately has your mouthwatering. This Cake is just about as great as it sounds.


Master Cakes

Mastercakes have a broad scope of cakes that you can look over. They additionally offer changed Cake for their client to oblige your solicitations. For individuals who are diabetic or sugar-cognizant, you can arrange your cake here. They make sugarless cakes without compromising the taste.

They likewise take in customisation orders and, assuming people’s needs, can give extraordinary directions concerning the sugar content of the Cake. Master cakes are again made without sugar cakes simultaneously, ensuring that the taste stays unaltered. These cakes make the occasion exceptional with their sweet and impeccable taste.

Sochas Cake

Sachas Cake

Sochas cake, instigated as a solicitation from a nephew, turned into a cake shop serving flavorful and exquisite cakes and different baked goods nearby. Sacha’s Cake utilises artisan bread cooks who are answerable for the plan and taste of the cakes you requested.

They ensure that customers’ buy will suit their event and your inclination about desserts. Apart from everything else, it currently has seven branches that provide food to local people and worldwide clients.

Aunties Munaver’s Dessert and Savory

Aunties Munaver's Dessert and Savory

Have a significant evening gathering and don’t have the foggiest idea what to make for dessert? Feel like entertaining yourself comfortable? Aunt Munaver gains the most pleasing experience, the state of sweets that will leave people hungry for more.

Each request offers special consideration, made with the best items and imported materials so one can taste the novel flavour, separating her cakes.



On the off chance that we’re discussing cake shops, we can never pass up a significant opportunity Delfrio. This web-based cake shop permits you to buy your number one cakes like Ferrero Rocher-propelled cake, red velvet, chocolate malt, and New York cheesecake. Like HobNob, they have limited time stuff going on where you can purchase the cakes at a lower cost.

Among the expansive cluster of appealing cakes, some favourite things incorporate Ferrero Rocher-enlivened cake, red velvet, chocolate malt, and New York cheesecake. They bring one of the most fantastic lotus cheesecakes to the table. The thick cream cheddar ends with delicious lotus sauce, and the lotus bread roll is magnificent. The messy pastry has the ideal bit of pleasantness that is to the point of making everybody attached to it.

United King

United King

The cakes of the united King are exemplary and diverse. The Bakery has a comprehensive cakes arrangement with top-notch taste and fixings. United King’s bread shop is one of Karachi’s most seasoned and best pastry kitchens.

The Premium cakes of the Bakery incorporate the most delectable cakes at any point. People need to try the chocolate paradise cake and Nutella cake, chocolaty skies. The delicate, mouth-dissolving cakes leave you in amazement. These cakes are strongly suggested you can likewise go for Lotus cake and Belgian Cake.

Bombay Bakery

Bombay Bakery

Not arranged in Karachi but still worth focusing on here, Bombay Bakery praised its 100th commemoration on November 11, 2011. Established in the mid-twentieth 100 years by the late Kumar Thadani’s family, the responsibility for the bread kitchen remains stringently inside the family.

Be it espresso, macaroon or chocolate, the line is lengthy and Hyderabad’s famous pastry shop. Individuals long for their cakes, and anybody visiting Hyderabad needs to bring a Bombay Bakery cake back for their loved ones. It has turned into a standard custom.


The article summarises all the best cake shops in Karachi. Cakes are the best part of any occasion, be it a wedding, birthday celebration, commemorations, Eid, or a Get-together. Cakes hold such importance that this large number of events is inadequate without them. Besides that, cakes and brownies are a wellspring of help for unpleasant days.

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