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Top 5 Air Conditioners Under Rs. 120,000 You Can Buy in Pakistan this Summer

Are you looking for the best air conditioners to beat the scorching heat this summer? Here is a list of top 5 air conditioners available under Rs. 120,000.They provide excellent cooling performance, energy efficiency, and reliability. These air conditioners offer a range of choices to suit your specific needs and budget. So, stay cool and comfortable all summer long!

Haier Split AC 1 Ton (Non-inverter) -120,000 PKR

This AC comes with a 10 year compressor and 1 year part warranty. With a power input of 1260W and a running current of 5.7A, it ensures efficient performance. The air circulation of 750 m/h, turbo cooling, and strong airflow provide a comfortable sleep experience. The optimized cross flow fan and air duct enable high air volume for a pleasant cooling experience. Additionally, this air conditioner features 100% copper components, ensuring durability and efficient cooling.

Gree New Pular Series 1 Ton Inverter (GS-12PITH1W) -108,900 PKR

Gree’s Pular Series provides a seamless design, auto clean function, and versatile airflow options. With seven fan speeds, easy clean filters, and energy efficiency. It provides convenience and quiet operation. Its Features include low voltage startup, precise temperature control, and a hidden LED display. Moreover, it will provide enhanced comfort with the cold plasma generator, I-Feel technology, timer, auto restart, and child lock.

Dawlance Split Gold Fin Turbo cooling (LVS PRO 15) -120,000 PKR

The Dawlance Split Gold Fin Turbo is equipped with advanced features. It boasts gold fin technology, ensuring durability and longevity. With auto re-start and 100% copper pipes, it offers convenience and reliability. The high efficiency compressor ensures optimal cooling. Moreover, it works fine even in low voltage conditions. So, experience fast and efficient cooling with its turbo cooling feature.

Orient 1 Ton VENUS Bright DC Inverter- 118,000 PKR

This Air conditioner ensures compatible and moderate temperature. It offers eco-friendly cooling with its refrigerant and can be used with a Generator, UPS, or Solar Panel due to its low voltage operation.

The air conditioner features a double layer condenser, gold fin evaporator, and Japanese PCB Kit for enhanced durability and quality. With 4D air throw, turbo mode, and low noise operations, it provides efficient performance. Additional features include all weather heat and cool functionality, anti-rust coating, 100% pure copper, and Catechin filters.

PEL Inverteron 1 ton Airy Air Conditioner (Cool Only)- 118,900 PKR

The Air Conditioner is a reliable cooling solution that offers exceptional features. With a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 3.0 (EER) W/W, it ensures energy efficient performance. The use of R32 refrigerant not only provides effective cooling but also contributes to environmental sustainability. Additionally, its impressive Air flow volume of 580 m/h ensures quick and efficient Air circulation for enhanced comfort.


These models offer top quality cooling performance, energy efficiency, and advanced features for enhanced comfort during the scorching heat. Consider your room size and specific cooling needs before making a final decision. Stay cool and beat the heat with one of these top rated options.

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