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Top 5 Scholarships for Students to Study in Denmark

Denmark, renowned for its innovative society and green lifestyle, offers a plethora of scholarships for international students, making it an attractive destination for academic pursuits. These scholarships, provided by the Danish government, universities, and private organizations, cater to various needs from tuition fees to living expenses.

1. Denmark Government Scholarships

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science administers the Denmark Government Scholarship across eight prestigious universities. These scholarships support international students pursuing full-time degree programs at institutions like Roskilde University, Copenhagen Business School, Aarhus University, and others. Each university sets its eligibility criteria and benefits, making it essential for applicants to review specific details.

2. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Scholarship

Offered by the European Commission, the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship allows students to study in multiple European countries and receive a joint degree. This comprehensive scholarship covers airfare, tuition, housing, and provides a stipend, facilitating an enriching academic experience across borders.

3. Fulbright Denmark Scholarships

American scholars and postgraduate students seeking academic enrichment in Denmark can apply for the Fulbright Scholarship. This grant supports a full academic year of study or research at various educational institutions in Denmark, fostering cultural exchange and academic collaboration.

4. IT University of Copenhagen State Scholarships (ITU)

The IT University of Copenhagen offers state scholarships to non-EU/EEA students applying for master’s degree programs. These scholarships cover tuition fees and provide partial financial support for living expenses, enhancing accessibility to quality education in Denmark.

5. Technical University of Denmark Scholarships (DTU)

DTU awards tuition fee waivers to outstanding non-EU/EEA master’s students demonstrating exceptional academic achievements. These scholarships are available across various disciplines at DTU, aiming to attract talented individuals from around the world to pursue advanced studies.


Denmark stands out as an ideal destination for international students aspiring for academic excellence amidst a scenic and culturally vibrant environment. With a range of scholarships available, covering diverse aspects of academic and living expenses, Denmark ensures that students can focus on their studies and cultural exploration without financial concerns. Whether through government initiatives, European collaborations, or university-specific grants, these scholarships embody Denmark’s commitment to global education and student welfare.

For More Information

For detailed eligibility criteria, application procedures, and specific benefits of each scholarship mentioned, prospective students are encouraged to visit official university websites and Denmark’s study abroad resources.

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