Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Top International Airlines Announce Massive Discounts Ahead of Pakistan Independence Day

In a remarkable gesture to mark Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day, major international airlines are offering substantial discounts that promise to elevate both travel dreams and celebrations.

Travelers can enjoy avail of the opportunity to explore the world while enjoying attractive savings.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is allowing you to save up to 10% on fares to celebrate Pakistan’s 76 years of independence. The discount is available for flights from 6 cities in Pakistan to Europe and America.

The sales period announced is from 7th – 14th August 2023 for the travel period of 7th August – 31st December 2023.

Pakistan International Airline

On the occasion of Independence Day, Pakistan International Airlines has announced massive discounts on domestic flights.

PIA is providing a 14% discount on domestic flights booked for 14th August 2023. To avail of the offer, you must book your flight from the official Pakistan International Airlines website.

Etihad Airways

Travel with Etihad Airways and avail of spectacular Freedom sale on fares starting from PKR 142,221.

With these generous discounts, celebrate the festivities of 14th August 2023 with these airlines.

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