Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Top Pakistani Players Refuse to Promote Betting & Controversial Products

Famous Pakistani cricketers like Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam have made a big decision. They added a new rule to their contracts with different T20 cricket leagues.

This rule says they won’t promote certain things like alcohol, tobacco, or betting products that are like gambling. They made this choice because of their own beliefs and what their culture and religion say.

These players are strong about not letting their pictures be used to sell these things. They won’t get money for promoting them. Instead, they’ll get money from different sponsors, their teams, or the leagues they play in.

Some of these players have talked to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) about these rules. They want to add them to their main contracts too. In Pakistan, some companies that are like gambling try to sponsor cricket, but they change their names a little to do it. This makes it hard for the PCB to find good sponsors. But the PCB said they won’t work with these companies anymore when their contracts end.

Babar Azam showed how important his values are during a tournament called the Lanka Premier League. He didn’t want to wear a jersey with a gambling company’s logo. He put this rule in his contract, and the team he plays for agreed to it.

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