Sunday, July 21, 2024

Tourist in Dubai takes Home 11 iPhones on First Day of UAE Release

The much-anticipated Apple iPhone 15 series has hit Dubai, causing a stir at the Dubai Mall. Enthusiastic iPhone fans flocked to the mall early in the morning on Friday to claim their reserved gadgets.

Among the eager buyers was Ahmed Brimu, an Egyptian national, who purchased 11 iPhones. Brimu, who arrived in Dubai a few days prior, was one of the first shoppers at the Apple store in Dubai Mall. Despite a long wait in line, he expressed immense happiness after finally getting his hands on the new devices.

Brimu shared,

“I purchased these devices for my eagerly waiting family. I am so happy that I could make it on the first day.”

His purchase amounted to over Dh100,000.

In a similar search for the latest iPhones. Three cousins, Sanat Anarboyev, Adel, and Aziz traveled all the way from Uzbekistan to collect their phones from the Apple store in Dubai Mall. These three cousins managed to get 2 iPhone Pro Max 512 GB each. Sanat exclaimed, “This is my happiest day.” Their journey from Uzbekistan aligned with the launch date, prompting them to try their luck in reserving the new mobile phones.

They succeeded and received their devices between 8-10 Am. In total, they spent Dh200,000 and left with 19 phones, aiming to be among the first to introduce the latest iPhone in Uzbekistan.

Aziz stated,

“We are leaving for Tashkent soon, and I believe we are the first ones to get this in Uzbekistan.”

This gives us an idea of how crazy and obsessed people are about Apple devices.

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