Thursday, November 30, 2023

Toy Firm Hiring ‘Chief Uno Player’ to Play Game for Over Rs. 1.2 Million Per Week Salary

Toy manufacturer Mattel has taken an innovative approach by announcing to recruit a card game enthusiast, “Chief Uno Player” with a weekly salary of £3,500 (PKR 1,260,929)

The company is hiring for the role as a part-time position, based in New York for a four-week period commencing from September. The enthusiast will be playing the new Uno Quatro game for four hours a day over four days each week.

The applicant must be a US resident with a minimum age of 18. The company made the announcement on TikTok and garnered around 9,000 likes and numerous replies, reflecting significant interest in the role.

In addition, the prospective candidates are expected to possess physical capabilities to endure long periods of sitting, lifting, and carrying up to 50 lbs, and setting up playing tables and tents on location.

Mattel’s global head of games, Ray Adler emphasized the company’s continuous efforts to create novel ways for Uno fans to engage with the game. According to Ray Adler, the Chief Uno player will also contribute to social media content, challenges, interviews, and introducing the new tile-based version of the game.

The deadline is set for August 10.

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