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Toyota Corolla 2023 Price in Pakistan – Variants, Specs, Features, and Pictures

Almost all people are familiar with Toyota, which launches different cars worldwide. Toyota Corolla cars are considered the popular Toyota cars. Therefore, its customers want to remain updated with the Toyota Corolla price in Pakistan.

Finally, the Toyota corolla has revealed the 12th generation named the Toyota corolla 2023 model. This article will get information related to Pakistan’s new Toyota corolla model. Toyota Corolla 2023 price comes in high range in Pakistan. Therefore, before you purchase the car, it is recommended that you should know everything about this car.

The main thing that the customer should know about a car is its features, specifications, and functions. As Toyota Corolla 2023 price may vary as it comes in different variants that may differ in specifications and features.

Toyota Corolla 2023 Launch Date in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla 2023 is capturing the attention of its customers rapidly due to its unique features and specs. Therefore, its fonder wants to know when Toyota Corolla 2023 is coming in the market so that they can experience its ride.

From the news and reports, it has come to know that Toyota Corolla 2023 launch date in Pakistan is expected in June 2023. However, you should be sure that the Toyota Corolla 2023 official launch date is not announced yet. When Toyota officially confirms the launch date of the Toyota Corolla 2023, you will be notified here.

Toyota Corolla 2022

Toyota Corolla 2023 Variants

Toyota Corolla 2023 comes in several variants that offer scrumptious features. Its variants are described below. Toyota Corolla’s price in Pakistan also varies according to its variant.

Toyota Corolla 1.6 cc 2023

Corolla 1.6 cc 2023 is further divided into three categories. They are described below.

  1. Toyota Corolla Altis X 1.6 cc 2023 – Manual transmission(MT)
  2. Corolla Altis X 1.6 cc 2023 – Automatic transmission(AT)
  3. Toyota Corolla Altis X 1.6 cc 2023 – Special edition SE

All of the above Toyota Corolla 2023 1.6 cc use 4 cylinders. They have an engine displacement of 1598 cc with a torque of 154 Nm @ 5200 rpm.


Toyota Corolla 2023 Altis X 1.6 specifications are listed in the below table.

SpecsToyota Corolla 2023 1.6 cc
Fuel TypePetrolPetrolPetrol
Max Power120 hp at 6000 rpm120 hp at 6000 rpm120 hp at 6000 rpm
Compression ratio101010.2
Moon roofNoNoYes
Alloy RimsNoYesYes
Engine Push start-stop buttonNoNoYes
Kerb weight1275 Kg1275 kg1320 kg
Wheel size15 inches16 inches16 inches
Remote windowsNoNoYes
Adjustable headlights and levelingNoNoYes
HeadlightsHalogenHalogenLED Projection
Daytime lightsNoNoyes
Traction control systemNoNoYes
Rear passenger entertainmentNoNoYes
Climate controlNoNoYes
Smart entryNoNoYes
Auto-Air ConditionerNoNoYes
Front CameraNoNoNo

Toyota Corolla 1.8 cc 2023

Toyota Corolla 1.8 cc 2023 is also further divided into 4 categories. They are as below.

  • Toyota Corolla 1.8 cc 2023 – Altis X CVT- i
  • Toyota Corolla 1.8 cc 2023 – Altis Grande X CVT – i with beige interior
  • Toyota Corolla 1.8 2023 – Altis Grande X CVT – i with black interior

The Toyota mentioned above Corolla 2023 1.8 cc variants have engine displace of 1798 cc with a torque of 4000 rpm.


As Toyota Corolla 2023 1.8 cc is available in three different variants. Therefore, their specs are listed below as follows.

SpecsToyota Corolla 2023 1.8 cc
 Altis X CVT – iAltis Grande X CVT – i with beige interiorAltis Grande X CVT – I with black interior
Fuel TypePetrolPetrolPetrol
Max Power120 hp at 6000 rpm138 hp at 6400 rpm138 hp at 6400 rpm
TransmissionAutomatic (CVT)Automatic (CVT)Automatic (CVT)
Cruise ControlNoYesYes
Front cameraYesYesYes
Steering wheel with gearshift paddles NoNoYes
Compression ratio101010
Panoramic Sunroof/ Moon roofNoNoYes
Alloy RimsYesYesYes
Engine Push start-stop buttonNoNoYes
Kerb weight1275 Kg1275 kg1275 kg
Remote windowsNoNoYes
Brakes and Front Fog LightsYesNoNo
Adjustable headlights and levelingYesYesYes
HeadlightsHalogenHalogenLED Projection
Wheel size16 inches16 inches16 inches
Daytime lightsYesYesYes
Traction control systemYesYesYes
Rear passenger entertainmentNoNoNo
Remote bootYesNoNo
Climate controlNoNoYes
Stability controlNoNoYes
Smart entryNoNoYes
Auto-Air ConditionerNoNoYes

Toyota Corolla Features

Toyota Corolla 2023 offers several features that attract the customer’s attention and makes the Toyota corolla price in Pakistan reasonable. Some of them are described below.


The customers are also impressed by the Toyota Corolla 2023 exterior features. The reason is its aggressive style.

The front of the Toyota Corolla 2023 contains side swept headlights in trapezium style and daytime Bi beam running lights. Also, a sleek grille containing a Toyota emblem is fixed on the front side in between headlights.

The Toyota Corolla 2023 sides have recurvated lower edges that give it a sportier look. Also, it offers new trapezoidal glass panels to provide improved visibility to passengers of rear seats. Wedged side mirrors are attached to the integrated new glass panel at the “A” pillar.

Toyota Corolla 2023 rear side contains scrumptious and beautiful taillights with black trim pieces that enhance its beauty.

Toyota Corolla Exterior


Toyota Corolla 2023 interior is welcoming and beautiful, giving you a luxurious and comfortable feel. Some of its interior features are described below to provide users with a comfortable driving experience.

The interior of the Toyota Corolla 2023 contains ivory and black pieces of plastic trim that increase the beauty of the interior look. Also, power mirrors are present to help out the driver. It also has power windows.

It contains an infotainment system for entertainment purposes which is 7-inch. A multi-information display is added to display the various information and notifications when the ignition is switched on. The messages displayed help the driver maintain comfort in the car.

The other interior feature is the digital climate control and the cruise controls that enhance the importance of this car. Also, the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) is added.

Electronic stability control and comfortable leather seats provide the passenger with a comfortable experience. Also, the Toyota Corolla 2023 dimensions are more refined and larger than the previous ones. It also supports the keyless entry feature.

Toyota Corolla Interior

Performance and Fuel Economy

Toyota Corolla 2023 comes in two types of transmission: manual transmission and automatic transmission, providing the top speed of 240 km per hour with an engine horsepower of 138 hp.

Toyota Corolla 2023 fuel economy is 12 Km per litre in the city and 16 Km on highways providing average mileage of approximately 23Km per litre.

Safety Features

Toyota Corolla 2023 offers various safety features to passengers. Some of these features are listed below.

  • It offers dual airbags for the driver and passenger side.
  • This model provides an immobilizer and child lock.
  • It supports a multi-info system and entertainment system for the enjoyment and comfort of passengers.
  • Rear seat belts, rear seat headrest, central console armrest, and rearview mirror turn indicators are also available for safety reasons.
  •  A high mounts stop lamp and an emergency brake assist system are supported in this car.

Toyota Corolla Colors

If a buyer finds a vehicle in his favorite color, nothing can compete with the pleasure he gets. The Toyota corolla 2023 offers a variety of colors to its customers as demanded by them. from the sources, it has come to know that it is available in the following colours.

  • Dorado Gold
  • Super White
  • Attitude Black
  • Graphite Gray
  • Penton Brown
  • Silver Metallic

Also, the Toyota Corolla 2023 Altis Grande X CVT interior is available in two colors: the beige interior and the black interior. So, make the choice that you love the most.

From the sources, it is also come to know that Toyota Corolla 2023 offers a  variety of exterior paint colors options to its customers.

Toyota Corolla Competitors

Toyota Corolla 2023 car is a package including amazing key features and specs. At the same time, some other brands are also providing similar products having noticeable features using new technology. So, keeping in mind the competitors is another most important point that makes someone’s business successful or fall.

Nowadays, the Toyota corolla 2023 also faces some competitors in the race of success. Some of the main Toyota Corolla 2023 competitors’ names are given below.

  • Honda Civic
  • Hyundai Elantra
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Kia Forte 2023

The above list may not contain all Toyota Corolla 2023 competitors’ names.

Toyota Corolla Availability in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla 2023 is still not launched in Pakistan. But it is expected that it will soon be launched in Pakistan, such as June 2023, and will be made available in big cities of Pakistan such as Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Lahore, Peshawar, Sialkot, and Multan.

Toyota Corolla 2023 images, engine type and displacement, and all other information like interior and exterior features, etc., is revealed on the internet. Customers can check about it and decide whether it impresses them. Furthermore, they can also suggest changes or can build their model.

After Toyota Corolla 2023 launch in Pakistan, it will be made available on Toyota Corolla dealer’s stores so that its customers can experience its features.

Toyota Corolla Price in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla 2023 is available in several variants. So, the prices vary from variant to variant. The price for each Toyota corolla 2023 variant is given below.

Toyota Corolla VariantPrice in Pakistan
Corolla X Altis 1.6 2023- Manual transmissionPKR 6,169,000
Corolla Altis X 1.6 2023- Automatic transmissionPKR 7,429,000
Corolla Altis X 1.6 Automatic SEPKR 5,479,000
Corolla 2023 – 1.8 Altis X CVT – i (automatic transmission)PKR 7,799,000
Corolla 2023 – 1.8 Altis Grande X CVT – i with beige interiorPKR 7,759,000
Corolla 2023 – 1.8 Altis Grande X CVT – I with black  interiorPKR 7,799,000

The prices mentioned in the above table are not fixed, and they may be changed as the above prices are the expected prices for Toyota corolla 2023 variants. Therefore, an increase in their prices is expected from the government.


No one in the market can deny that Toyota Corolla comes in the largest-selling Pakistan automotive manufacturers association (PAMA) provided a report in 2021. According to the report, Toyota Corolla comes at 2nd number in the list of most popular vehicles in Pakistan.

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