Saturday, June 22, 2024

Toyota Hilux Beats Alto & Corolla to Become Best-Selling Car in January 2023

Toyota Indus Motor Co. saw a sudden boost in sales of the Fortuner and Hilux vehicles. Toyota Hilux surpasses the Alto and Corolla to become the best-selling vehicle in January 2023.

Moreover, PAMA’s data shows that Fortuner and Hilux sales combined totaled 1,851 units, beating the Corolla, Yaris, and all Suzuki models.

Both vehicles are pricey, costing more than a crore. It’s possible that Toyota IMC has improved their production process to handle the current production crisis.

Both cars are very expensive in Pakistan, but they still manage to sell better than other, cheaper ones. Even if there are issues in manufacturing, the sales in January 2023 for vehicles over 10 million rupees are very high.

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