Monday, April 15, 2024

Toyota IMC has officially announced a significant price reduction for all local vehicles

Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC), another potential development, has decreased the price of all of its locally built automobiles. Toyota IMC has been the first of the automakers to publicly provide information about price reductions for its portfolio. The updated rates are available on the Toyota IMC website.

The new prices for domestically built Toyota passenger vehicles are as follows:

Vehicles Old Price (PKR) New Price (PKR) Price Reduction (PKR)
Corolla Altis X 1.6 M/T Rs. 3,219,000 Rs. 3,109,000 Rs. 110,000
Corolla Altis X 1.6 CVT Rs. 3,369,000 Rs. 3,249,000 Rs. 120,000
Corolla Altis X 1.8 CVT Rs. 3,699,000 Rs. 3,579,000 Rs. 120,000
Corolla Altis Grande X 1.8 CVT-i Beige Interior Rs. 3,979,000 Rs. 3,869,000 Rs. 110,000
Corolla Altis Grande X 1.8 CVT-i Black Interior Rs. 3,999,000 Rs. 3,889,000 Rs. 110,000
Yaris GLI 1.3 M/T Rs. 2,509,000 Rs. 2,409,000 Rs. 100,000
Yaris ATIV 1.3 M/T Rs. 2,619,000 Rs. 2,519,000 Rs. 100,000
Yaris GLI 1.3 CVT Rs. 2,689,000 Rs. 2,589,000 Rs. 100,000
Yaris ATIV 1.3 CVT Rs. 2,769,000 Rs. 2,669,000 Rs. 100,000
Yaris ATIV X 1.5 M/T Rs. 2,829,000 Rs. 2,719,000 Rs. 110,000
Yaris ATIV X 1.5 CVT Rs. 2,999,000 Rs. 2,899,000 Rs. 100,000
Fortuner 2.7 G Rs. 7,999,000 Rs. 7,649,000 Rs. 350,000
Fortuner 2.7 VVT-i Rs. 9,299,000 Rs. 8,899,000 Rs. 400,000
Fortuner 2.8 Sigma 4 Rs. 9,649,000 Rs. 9,269,000 Rs. 380,000
Hilux Revo G M/T Rs. 6,549,000 Rs. 6,429,000 Rs. 120,000
Hilux Revo G A/T Rs. 6,899,000 Rs. 6,779,000 Rs. 120,000
Hilux Revo V A/T Rs. 7,499,000 Rs. 7,379,000 Rs. 120,000

The revised rates have taken effect. People have been expecting price reductions from automakers since the publication of the fiscal budget for 2021-22 and the new vehicle policy.

Toyota IMC appears to have started an eagerly anticipated wave of price cuts, and it is now being expected that several other automakers will follow suit soon. This is excellent news for car customers across Pakistan, as well as a time of triumph for the automobile sector, as these price reductions are a symbol of positive growth for both the business and the national economy.

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