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Toyota Mark X 2023 Price in Pakistan – Variants, Specs, and Pictures

The Mark X is a Japanese-made, mid-size executive car that is manufactured by Toyota. They made it intending to create a stylish and powerful rear-wheel-drive sedan that would make driving a more pleasurable experience overall. It has an integrated rear bumper besides its three-lamp headlight design that comes standard.

Besides other amenities, the interior and exterior of the Toyota Mark X Price in Pakistan 2023 come equipped with LEDs, Bluetooth connection, a stereo speaker system, and more.

This article contains information on the Toyota Mark X and mark x Price in Pakistan, so read this article till the end.


The following is a list that contains the detailed specs for this vehicle. People absolutely appreciate this automobile on account of its one-of-a-kind design and characteristics.


10 to 15



Fuel Type



2499 cc to 3456 cc


149kW (200 bhp)


243 Nm



Top speed

210 km/h

Fuel consumption

11.8 km/L

CO2 emission

229 g/km (As tested by LTA)

Vehicle type

Luxury Sedan

Dimensions (L x W x H)

(4750 x 1795 x 1435) mm


2,850 mm

Min turning radius

5,200 mm

Kerb weight

1,510 kg

Fuel tank capacity

71 L

Toyota Mark X Exterior

The exterior of the second-generation Toyota Mark X is noticeably more angular and streamlined when compared to the first-generation Toyota Mark X’s appearance. The sleek and angular up swept headlights are integrated into the design of the front fascia, and the chrome grille in the center of the front fascia has an X-shaped insignia in its center. On the bumper, there is a large hole in the shape of a trapezium, and on either side of it are two traditional circular fog lights.

Toyota Mark X Exterior

All the design elements on the rear end of the vehicle, including the side-swept and aggressively styled taillights, the chrome strip that runs over the trunk, the twin exhaust tips, and the lip spoiler, all take their cues from vehicles that compete with high-end Lexuses. The combination of these components gives the 2nd Generation Mark X the look of being incredibly muscular.

Interior of Mark X

The inside of the Mark X from 2009 contains bits of silver-polished metal trim that are contrasted with pieces of plastic trim. The chairs can either have an Alcantara finish in a sand beige color or a black color.

Standard features on the vehicle include a multifunction steering wheel with controls for the media and cruise, automatic climate control with dual zones, a touch screen infotainment system with satellite navigation, and a six-speaker stereo system with CD, radio, aux, and USB inputs. The vehicle comes with a satellite navigation system.

Toyota Mark X 2021 Interior

Woodgrain accents, a millimeter-wave radar system for cruise control, and a “pre-crash safety system” that activates the brakes are some features.

Some features that are available for high-end models include a plated decorative mat on the front guards and front lower grille area, leather-covered seats, Super UV cut glass and nano air ventilation system, retractable rear sunshade, fully automatic self-parking, and driver’s power 8-way adjustable seat + passenger 4-way power seat with inbuilt heating and cooling.

Mark X Fuel Average

People are interested in learning about the Toyota Mark X’s fuel efficiency, although the vehicle’s engine has a capacity of 2.5 liters. Therefore, about 10 to 11 kilometers at a rate of less than one liter.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The fuel tank capacity of the Toyota Mark X is 70 liters. In addition, under the policies of the company, the gas tank has a maximum capacity of 68 liters when it is full up.

Mark X Competitors

Opponents to Toyota’s Mark X vehicle are:

A Honda Accord, a Honda Legend, an Audi A4, a BMW 3-Series, and a Mercedes-Benz C-Class are the vehicles in consideration.

Toyota Mark X

Benefits And Drawbacks


  • distinctive styling
  • Elegant and Splendid Inside
  • A Choice Between Rear-Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Drive


  • Demanding in terms of servicing
  • Costly Replacement Parts
  • Underpowered basic model engine.

Colors Available

The following colors are available for purchase on this automobile in Pakistan:

  • white,
  • blue,
  • grey,
  • brown,
  • black, and
  • red.

These are the color options that are accessible for this automobile in Pakistan. The firm that makes this automobile offers a variety of colors, and each one of those hues is extremely exquisite when considered considering the car’s overall design, its technical specs, and its amenities.

Toyota Mark X Price in Pakistan

Toyota Mark X Exterior Rear End

Toyota Mark X 250Gs might well be purchased in Pakistan for anywhere from PKR 2,450,000 to PKR 11,500,000. This price range covers the entire country. There is a wide range of costs for the Toyota Mark X 250G in Pakistan, and they depend on the model year, mileage, variation, and general condition of the vehicle.


Price in Pakistan

Toyota Mark X 250 G L Package

PKR 3,320,000

Toyota Mark X 250G

PKR 3,200,000

Toyota Mark X 250G F Package

PKR 3,000,000

Toyota Mark X 250G F Package Smart Edition

PKR 3,100,000

Toyota Mark X 250G Relax Selection Black Leather Limited

PKR 5,500,000

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