Saturday, July 20, 2024

Toyota Officially Launches New Fortuner in Rs. 2.1 Crore in Pakistan

The Toyota Fortuner GR-S and Toyota Revo GR-S have been introduced by Indus Motor Company (IMC) in Pakistan, expanding the roster of its already well-liked SUV and pickup truck.

According to the facts, the new versions provide just small improvements over the variants that were already on the market, but they also have a relatively high price.

With a premium black interior with GR red stitching, suede, and leather seat material, the recently released Toyota Fortuner GR-S delivers a variety of upgrades to its design.

The automobile also has a newly created carbon fiber accelerator and brake pedals, as well as a gear shift console.

The Toyota Fortuner GR-S costs Rs. 21,089,000 in Pakistan.

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