Sunday, June 16, 2024

Toyota Pakistan increases Car Prices by up to Rs. 7 Lac

Bad news for Toyota lovers as the company has increased the prices of its vehicles in Pakistan.

The increase in the dollar rate (again) has started to show its effects on the automobile industry.

Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) has become the first company to increase the prices of its cars this month.

The price of the Corolla 1.6 CVT, has been increased by Rs. 190,000 to Rs 4,979,000 while the price of the Corolla 1.6 CVT (Special Edition) variant has been hiked by Rs. 200,000. The new price of the Special Edition is Rs. 5,279,000.

Toyota Hilux has seen an increase of Rs. 620,000 as its new price is Rs. 9,069,000, this variant was previously sold at Rs. 8,449,000.

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