Monday, March 4, 2024

Toyota Pakistan Launches First Locally Made Hybrid Corolla Cross in Pakistan

Indus Motor Company (IMC), which is Toyota’s local partner in Pakistan, has made a significant announcement by unveiling the first locally manufactured hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) in the country. This vehicle is the fourth-generation Toyota Corolla Cross HEV, and it was introduced at IMC’s plant in Karachi.

The decision to locally manufacture the Corolla Cross HEV is driven by the increasing demand in Pakistan for cars that are not only fuel-efficient but also environmentally friendly. As a hybrid electric vehicle, the Corolla Cross HEV offers consumers the choice between an 1800 cc engine with either a hybrid or gasoline drivetrain.

In order to bring this initiative to fruition, Indus Motor Company invested over $100 million to set up the production line. This significant financial commitment reflects IMC’s dedication to advancing the automotive industry in Pakistan and aligning with the global trend toward sustainable transportation solutions.

The introduction of the Corolla Cross HEV is not only a milestone for Indus Motor Company but also emphasizes the longstanding and strong relationship between Japan and Pakistan.

The collaboration between the two nations in the automotive sector has led to the local production of hybrid vehicles, showcasing the technological and economic ties between them.

This move by IMC is expected to contribute to the growing interest in hybrid and electric vehicles in Pakistan, offering consumers a more environmentally conscious choice.

It marks a positive step forward for the automotive industry in the country and underscores the global shift towards cleaner and greener transportation options.

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