Monday, July 22, 2024

Toyota to Launch 3-Wheeled EVs in Pakistan

In the Pakistani automotive industry, latest electric vehicle (EV) strategy is aimed at fostering a major paradigm change. Toyota is planning to introduce a range of electric tricycles to the Pakistani market in a related expansion, as per a report shared by The News.

Hiroyuki Toyoda, Chairman of T-Trike Company (a Toyota Motors subsidiary) and Rana Abid Hussain, Chairman of the Pak-Japan Business Council, have reportedly signed an agreement on the distribution rights of new electric tricycles in Pakistan.

Hussain reportedly told the media that 3,000 electric tricycles would be brought to Pakistan initially and that local development would be involved in the next process. Discussions on these changes are still in progress.

Hussain revealed that in Japan, the electric tricycle is massively famous and that the company has set up 150 dealerships across the nation to meet the growing demand for it.

The tricycle, fully powered, can travel up to 50 kilometres and carry loads of up to 150 kilogrammes.

Hussain also remarked that even in heavy traffic, the vehicle is very easy to drive and is incredibly cheap to own. He added that the vehicle is engineered and built by Toyota, which gives the user a great deal of comfort and convenience because it has rock-solid reliability.

Although the cost is not yet understood, the new electric tricycles are likely to be of fantastic value for buyers with the new EV policy.

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