Sunday, July 21, 2024

Traders Announce Countrywide Protest Against High Electricity Bills on Monday

The All Pakistan Traders Association has announced a nationwide protest against increasing electricity bills. The protest is scheduled for July 1. The association is demanding that the federal government remove extra taxes on electricity bills by June 30.

Ajmal Baloch, the president of the association, criticized the government’s handling of electricity bills and the payments made to Independent Power Producers (IPPs). He called on traders and the general public to join the protest.

Baloch emphasized the need to review the contracts with IPPs and address the issue of free electricity provided to WAPDA employees, which he sees as an unfair burden on the public.

The association is also concerned about the installation of allegedly faster electricity meters by WAPDA, which they believe are causing higher bills. Baloch stated that if their demands are not met, the association will announce further actions to continue their protest.

In addition to these concerns, the traders are frustrated with the overall rise in electricity costs, which they say is hurting their businesses and making it harder for them to stay profitable. The association believes that the government’s current policies are not fair and are putting an unnecessary strain on both traders and ordinary citizens.

The planned protest on July 1 is a way for the traders to show their discontent and to push the government to take action. They hope that by coming together, they can persuade the government to reconsider its policies and provide some relief from the high electricity bills and additional taxes.

This protest highlights the growing frustration among traders and the public over rising costs and perceived mismanagement by the government. The All Pakistan Traders Association is determined to continue their fight until their demands are addressed and fair solutions are implemented.

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