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Transforming the Learning Landscape: Valeem and Databank Partner to Bring AI-Powered Testing to Pakistan

In a transformative collaboration poised to redefine education in Pakistan, Valeem Pakistan is excited to announce its partnership with Databank, a leading EdTech player in South Korea. This innovative alliance introduces a new era of AI-based testing that holds the promise of revolutionizing the learning experience for students across the nation.

Valeem: A Global Hub for Modern Education

Valeem has swiftly emerged as a beacon of modern education, uniting students and education experts worldwide. With the distinction of having secured seed funding in Q3 2022 from a US-based angel investor, Valeem is on an upward trajectory. Operating in 14 countries, it boasts a vast pool of 500 adept tutors dedicated to nurturing the academic growth of students. A striking testament to Valeem’s effectiveness is its impressive 91% student retention ratio, demonstrating the trust and satisfaction students place in its offerings.

Valeem’s educational programs span a broad spectrum, including comprehensive tuition for IGCSE, O Levels, and A Levels. Through meticulous curriculum design and a commitment to excellence, Valeem empowers students to navigate the complexities of these rigorous international curricula with ease and confidence.

TestGlider by DataBank: AI Innovation in Test Preparation

TestGlider, operated by Databank in South Korea, stands at the forefront of EdTech innovation. Featuring a Software-as-a-Service AI engine, it redefines the test preparation landscape, offering instantaneous, invaluable scoring and feedback on sections of exams like IELTS and TOEFL. Accessible both as a web-based platform and through open API integration, TestGlider is a cost-effective solution, significantly improving English writing and speaking skills.

Affordable Excellence: AI Testing at Just Rs 4,999 for 2 Months

This collaboration is being celebrated by a promotional subscription offer for only Rs 4,999 for two months, students gain access to an AI-powered testing platform that delivers precise testing, scoring, and immediate, insightful feedback. This affordability breaks down financial barriers, ensuring a broader spectrum of Pakistani students can benefit from top-notch test preparation.

The same product is available globally for PKR 10,000, for international students. However, Valeem brought it to Pakistan and it is made available on a promotional price which may change in line with company policy, later.

Addressing the growing need for international education, this collaboration provides a timely solution for Pakistani students aspiring to study abroad. The demand for proficiency in exams such as IELTS and TOEFL has surged, driven by a global trend of students seeking international study opportunities, emigration prospects, and international recruitment.

Mr. Muhammad Ghayas Uddin, co-founder of Valeem, expressed during the MOU signing ceremony, “This collaboration is not just about working together; it’s about making transformative education accessible to every Pakistani student. By integrating TestGlider’s advanced AI tech, we aim to enhance the test preparation journey and empower students to achieve their goals.”

A Global Success Story

Across the world, countless individuals have leveraged the same AI-based product to achieve their dreams of excelling in language proficiency exams. This collaboration now brings this success within reach of Pakistani students, offering them the same transformative opportunity that has changed lives globally.

This partnership signifies more than just convenience; it embodies a commitment to accessible, effective, and transformative education. As students embark on their journeys towards higher education and international opportunities, Valeem and Databank stand ready to be their steadfast allies, guiding them to success in the world of IELTS and TOEFL exams.

How to Access this Revolutionary Offer

For those seeking personalized IELTS tutoring services from Valeem, including live one-on-one classes or live group classes for a 6-week standardized program with 3 classes per week, simply log on to Valeems IELTS page and register for live tutoring Alternatively, you can reach out via WhatsApp at +92 331 2332693.

To experience the AI-based testing and grading solution in collaboration with TestGlider, exclusively distributed by Valeem across Pakistan, visit the TestGlider portal on the following link for a comprehensive understanding of the product. For direct assistance, contact our team via WhatsApp. Take advantage of this early bird discount and unlock the exclusive offer – don’t miss the chance to transform your learning journey.

For more info, you can connect with Valeem on social media

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