Saturday, April 20, 2024

Transit Trade Between Pakistan and Uzbekistan Makes Historic Launch

On Tuesday, a transit trade agreement between Pakistan and Uzbekistan was signed, as well as the sale of commodities to Pakistan via Afghanistan.

In this context, on May 11, an Uzbek cargo truck crossed the Afghan transit route in two days and arrived at Peshawar’s Torkham checkpoint. The truck will arrive at the importer in Faisalabad after customs clearance is completed.

According to a press release from the Ministry of Commerce, the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Pakistan, in collaboration with Best Trans Pvt. Ltd., a Pakistani transport company, and Asad Trans, a Uzbek freight forwarding company, implemented a pilot trans-Afghan logistics project for the direct delivery of Uzbek export goods to Pakistan through Afghanistan for the first time.

The project began as a cooperative venture to develop a plan for direct delivery of Uzbek commodities to Pakistani cities via Afghanistan, using the supplier’s warehouse – importer’s warehouse concept.

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