Thursday, December 7, 2023

Travel Limitlessly and without Worry with GoZayaan’s 48-hour Refund Policy

The pandemic changed the global travel landscape dramatically and Pakistan was no different. Coupled with fluctuating economic conditions and unforeseen circumstances like the recent flash floods, Pakistan’s travel and tourism industry took quite a hit.

Being a company that prides itself on its exceptional customer service and a passion for travel at its very core and identity GoZayaan has lived up to its promise and vision of making travel fun, hassle-free, and accessible for everyone by introducing a 48-hour refund policy.

Every traveler faces a certain degree of uncertainty and anxiety when planning a trip, be it within the country or abroad. Making travel arrangements can be an unnerving experience, and when it comes to refunds or transparency, many companies and travel agencies drop the ball. The constant back-and-forth with flight companies and travel aggregators only ever inconveniences the consumer and what was meant to be a fun experience turns into an ordeal.

A flexible refund policy gives customers the leverage to book online in advance without the added stress of uncertainty. Refund policies offer customers the liberty to cancel and reschedule their plans easily, without having to worry about the time-consuming process of requesting a refund and making repeated reminder calls to customer care.

Under their new refund policy, GoZayaan promises its customers a refund within 48 working hours. All refund cases are dealt with promptly so that the customers do not have to wait months on end for their payments. This latest addition to the list of customer-centric features that GoZayaan is known for (hassle-free bookings, dedicated customer support, and secure payments) is another step toward putting the customer’s mind at ease and leading the shift toward online travel bookings and payments.

To make sure that all your travel is well-planned and executed smoothly, GoZayaan has a dedicated team of travel experts who are readily available and help travelers every step of the way as they plan their vacation or trip. From guiding customers through the entire process of choosing the right location and itinerary to providing the details regarding visas, flights, and hotels, the customer support team will ensure an easier, more convenient, and hassle-free experience.

Whether a customer reaches out via telephone or messages online, the goal remains the same; make travel accessible, transparent, and an enjoyable experience for customers. GoZayaan prides itself on its customer success and going above and beyond for any call or query. The best part? It’s completely free of cost. You’ll get all the information you need regardless of whether you book with GoZayaan or not.

Travel is something everyone should be able to experience. So book those travel plans you’ve been putting on hold and go take a well-deserved vacation. If anything happens and you have to cancel your plans, you can rest assured that GoZayaan has got you covered.

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