Friday, April 19, 2024

Travelled from Mars? Man Books Uber Auto Ride for Rs. 7.6 Crore Bill

Deepak Tenguriya, a resident of Noida, had an unexpected and shocking experience with Uber India. He had booked an auto ride through the Uber app and anticipated a fare of merely ₹62 for his journey. However, upon reaching his destination, he was stunned to see a bill of ₹7.66 crore on his Uber app.

Deepak’s friend, Ashish Mishra, was with him during this bewildering moment and captured their reactions in a video, which he later shared on social media.

In the video, Deepak is seen displaying his phone screen to reveal the itemized charges. The breakdown of the bill showed that he was charged ₹1.67 crore as the trip fare, an astonishing ₹5.99 crore for waiting time, and a nominal deduction of ₹75 as a promotion discount.

The exorbitant waiting charges were particularly puzzling to Deepak because, according to him, the driver did not have to wait for him at any point during the journey.

He was also surprised to note that the bill did not include any GST charges, which he believed should have been a part of the total amount.

Injecting a bit of humor into the situation to lighten the mood, Deepak jokingly remarked that he had never seen a bill with so many zeros in his life. Ashish added to the comedic relief by quipping that even a trip to the moon would not cost as much as the amount shown on the Uber bill.

The video quickly went viral, drawing attention from the public and media alike. In response to the uproar, Uber India’s Customer Support issued an apology.

They acknowledged the issue and assured Deepak and the general public that they were conducting a thorough investigation to rectify the error and ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future.

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