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Truck Art Considered as “Best Cultural Export” of Pakistan

Pakistan’s unique truck art is gaining more popularity worldwide with its strong messages and communicative themes that blended with the native motifs. This art has appealed to almost all painters and the art lovers; however, it has become a beautiful representation of rich culture of Pakistan.

The profound poetic calligraphy and beautiful floral patterns are incorporated with themes and pictures of Sufi saints where the spiritual figures elevate the truck art.

According to AK Jameel, it is one of best cultural exports known in Pakistan in the recent years.

The flying horses along with the falcon are also painted with the known political figures where the national heroes are also drawn on the trucks. Pakistan’s famous cricketers are also made on it to synchronize the pure vibrant look of our culture

Moreover, this imagination of creative painters is also displayed through the truck art that is recognized and also promoted by Pakistan’s government as the government organizes the truck art exhibitions in the world like abroad.

As per the officials of (UNESCO) it was revealed that truck art is incorporated by them with the rare combinations of the murals and the colorful portraits as in for GREP- Girls Right to Education Programme in order to raise awareness among all girls in Pakistan.

Messages like “Education is power for daughter also” have been painted on more than 20 transportation trucks.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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