Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Turkey offers,State-of-the-art transplant facilities for Pakistani patients.

Turkey has announced state-of-the-art healthcare facilities for Pakistani patients who are facing difficulties in getting an Indian visa for liver, kidney and bone marrow transplants.

CEO Memorial Healthcare Group Turkey, Ugur Geng, has announced low-cost liver, kidney and bone marrow transplants to Pakistani patients here in Turkey.

“Bone marrow and liver transplant success rate at our institute is 98.5 per cent, while in India, the liver transplant success rate stands 65per cent,” he said, adding that all possible facilities would be provided to Pakistan patients seeking liver and kidney transplants in Turkey.

Ugur Geng underscored the need for better coordination between doctors and nurses of Pakistan and Turkey. “Pakistani doctors are highly professional and well trained,” Geng added.

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