Monday, April 15, 2024

Turkish Man Locks His Own Head in Cage to Quit Smoking

In 2013, a Turkish man named Ibrahim Yücel resorted to an unconventional method to quit smoking, constructing a circular cage-like structure around his head.

Reports suggest that Yücel, a resident of Kütahya town, turned to this extreme measure after his father passed away from lung cancer caused by the same habit. Yücel, who had been smoking heavily for over two decades, found it challenging to quit the habit on his own.

He used 130 feet of copper wire to create the helmet-like structure, which he then locked himself in, entrusting the keys to his family. Yücel survived on small meals and sips of water through the cage, which prevented him from smoking.

His wife supported him throughout the ordeal. It is unclear whether this method helped Yücel quit smoking for good.

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