Monday, February 26, 2024

Turkish News Article Fired After Being Seen With Starbucks Coffee on Her Desk

Meltem Günay, a Turkish television news anchor, and the program director faced termination after Günay was seen on camera with a Starbucks cup on her desk during a broadcast.

The Istanbul-based media company released a statement condemning this action, emphasizing that it is strictly against the rules for anchors to promote any company on the news without permission.

The company acknowledged the sensitivities of the Turkish people, particularly concerning the situation in Gaza. They expressed their commitment to supporting Gaza and the Turkish people.

The decision to terminate both Günay and the program director was explained as a consequence of their actions going against the principles upheld by the institution. This incident reflects the significance placed on maintaining impartiality and avoiding any potential endorsement of external entities within the realm of news broadcasting.

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