Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Turkiye Invites International Students for the Young Leader Convention 2023 in Istanbul (Fully Funded)

Turkiye welcomes young leaders from around the world to the highly anticipated Young Leaders Convention 2023, set to take place in the vibrant city of Istanbul from August 25th to 28th. Organized by EduTourism, a reputable UK-based organization, this fully funded convention aims to bring together aspiring individuals from diverse backgrounds, including students, professionals, social workers, healthcare practitioners, volunteers, and those with a passion for leadership. With a focus on fostering knowledge exchange, skill development, and cultural immersion, the event promises an enriching experience for all participants.

Benefits for Fully Funded Participants:

The Young Leaders Convention offers an extensive range of benefits to fully funded participants, ensuring a hassle-free and rewarding experience:

  1. Airfare Tickets: All travel expenses, including round-trip airfare, will be covered for selected participants.
  2. Accommodation: Participants will enjoy comfortable accommodation throughout the duration of the conference.
  3. Meals: Nutritious meals will be provided during the conference days, allowing attendees to focus on networking and engaging in meaningful discussions.
  4. Visa Assistance: The organizing committee will provide support in obtaining necessary visas, simplifying the travel process for international participants.
  5. Awards and Certificates: Outstanding individuals will be recognized for their contributions and receive awards and certificates of participation.
  6. Cultural Experience: Participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Turkish culture through a cultural evening ceremony, celebration party, and a city tour.

Conference Agenda:

The Young Leaders Convention offers a diverse and engaging agenda, catering to a wide range of interests and disciplines. Attendees will have the chance to explore various topics and areas of focus, including governance, administration, entrepreneurship, educational tourism, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and community projects.

The convention will provide a platform for learning, networking, and collaboration, enabling participants to exchange ideas, experiences, and best practices.

Eligibility Criteria:

The Young Leaders Convention welcomes applications from individuals worldwide, without any restrictions based on nationality or background. The following eligibility criteria apply:

  1. Age Range: Applicants must be between 16 and 35 years old.
  2. Open to All: Individuals from any background or discipline are encouraged to apply.
  3. Complete Application: All applicants must submit a complete application form, which can be accessed through the official website.

Purpose of the Application Fee:

To ensure smooth event organization and management, EduTourism relies on the generosity of donors. Therefore, a nominal fee of £16.75 has been set for applicants. This fee contributes to the efficient execution of the convention and guarantees a high-quality experience for all participants.

How to Apply:

Applying for the Young Leaders Convention is a simple and convenient process. Interested individuals can visit the official website, where they will find the link to the application form. By filling out the form online, applicants can take the first step toward an exceptional opportunity for growth, learning, and leadership development.

The Young Leaders Convention 2023 in Istanbul presents a remarkable platform for young talents from across the globe to connect, learn, and lead. With its fully funded program, diverse conference agenda, and immersive cultural experiences, the convention aims to empower the next generation of leaders.

By fostering international collaboration and embracing different perspectives, the event strives to create a positive impact in governance, entrepreneurship, and community development. Don’t miss this chance to join the Young Leaders Convention and contribute to a brighter future. Apply now and unlock your potential as a global leader.

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