Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Twitter Services Reportedly Down Worldwide

Twitter is reportedly down worldwide with numerous reports being registered from users across the world. A massive surge of complaints has been noticed on Downdetector regarding Twitter outage, however, no official statement has been released by the company itself.

Around 6000 complaints have been registered claiming that Twitter profiles are not functioning and neither are new tweets appearing on the profile nor are published. Users are unable to access their feeds and engage with others. Some users were confused if their accounts have been censored or if Twitter was down.

The outage lasted for several hours producing confusion among people who rely on the platform. The hashtag #Twitterdown also began trending on the platform. Reports crowded the Downdetector indicating that services were inaccessible across numerous devices.

There has been no official statement made addressing the problem or if it has been solved by Twitter; yet many people are facing problems in using their Twitter accounts. Although some users found their accounts functional after a brief outage, some are still facing the issue.

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