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Two Pakistanis Make it to Top 10 of Forbes ‘Middle East’s Most Powerful Businesswomen’ List

Shaista Asif and Shazia Syed stand out as powerful and influential figures in the business landscape of the Middle East, as recognized by Forbes. Their remarkable achievements and contributions underscore their significant roles in their respective fields.

Shaista Asif’s journey as the co-founder and CEO of PureHealth Holding reflects a trajectory of entrepreneurial vision and strategic leadership. Founding the healthcare company in 2006 demonstrated her foresight into the burgeoning healthcare industry in the UAE. However, her ascent to the CEO position in December 2023 marked a pivotal moment, signaling her ability to steer the company to unprecedented success. The company’s IPO in the same month, which raised an impressive $986 million, showcased investor confidence in PureHealth Holding’s potential and Asif’s leadership. Moreover, the strategic acquisitions of Circle Health Group and Sheikh Shakbout Medical City underscored the company’s expansion and Asif’s adeptness in capitalizing on growth opportunities.

On the other hand, Shazia Syed’s extensive experience and leadership roles within Unilever highlight her adeptness in navigating the complexities of multinational corporations. Starting her journey with Unilever in 1989 in Pakistan and ascending to the position of General Manager for North Africa, Levant, and Iraq in 2021 exemplify her dedication and expertise. Additionally, her involvement with prestigious organizations such as the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Pakistan Business Council underscores her broader impact beyond Unilever. Furthermore, her board position at United Bank Limited and past experiences with companies like Pukka Tea and Pepsi Lipton underscore her multifaceted expertise and versatility in the corporate realm.

Both Asif and Syed epitomize resilience, innovation, and leadership excellence in their respective domains, contributing significantly to the advancement of healthcare and consumer goods sectors in the Middle East. Their recognition by Forbes not only celebrates their individual accomplishments but also highlights the increasing prominence of women leaders in traditionally male-dominated industries. As trailblazers and role models, Asif and Syed inspire future generations of aspiring businesswomen to pursue their ambitions and make meaningful contributions to the global business landscape.

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