Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Two Women Undergo Wrong Surgeries Due to Similar Names in Faisalabad

In a shocking incident of medical negligence, two women with similar names underwent wrong surgeries at a private hospital in Ghulam Muhammadabad area of Faisalabad. The first victim, Parveen Kausar, was supposed to have knee surgery but instead received a gallbladder operation due to a mix-up in patient records.

On the other hand, the second woman named Kausar Parveen, who had a knee injury, was mistakenly given gallbladder surgery. As a result, the condition of the second patient worsened. The families of the affected women approached the police for assistance and further investigation.

Following the incident, a committee was formed to investigate the matter and determine the responsible doctors. The hospital’s Medical Superintendent, Dr. Shehbaz Baig, stated that the doctors found guilty of negligence have been suspended.

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