Tuesday, April 16, 2024

UAE and China to Build Air Taxi’s in Abu Dhabi

In order to establish the first facility in the Middle East and North Africa to produce and run environmentally friendly, electric-powered aircraft and drones for passenger and cargo transportation, Abu Dhabi-based manufacturer Monarch Holding and Chinese firm EHang Holdings have joined forces.

UAE electric aircraft

In addition to building infrastructure, vertiports, and facilities for operating electric aircraft and drones, the cooperation aims to produce environmentally friendly electric aircraft and drones, establish a command-and-control centre to autonomously manage urban air mobility, and offer opportunities to identify and develop Emirati talent.

By simplifying the movement of goods and items to sales outlets, ports, and airports, the project enhances trade while revitalising markets and promoting local products. Through collaboration with local organisations, the partnership will assist in developing a cutting-edge infrastructure for vertiports and an autonomous flight management system run by artificial intelligence, supporting sustainable and electric-powered commercial aircraft and drones, enabling Abu Dhabi to adopt urban aviation technologies.

“Monarch is forming collaborations with the top electric aircraft manufacturer in the world as well as a designer and consultancy firm for urban air mobility, which creates and runs the most cutting-edge UAM systems in the world.

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