Tuesday, February 27, 2024

UAE: Dh25,000 Every Month for 25 Years; Grand Prize Announced in New Emirates Draw Game

Emirates Draw has unveiled a new game called FAST5, offering participants the chance to win Dh 25,000 every month for a period of 25 years. By purchasing a single Dh25 ticket, players can vie for this grand prize.

FAST5 redefines the notion of winning, providing participants not only with the opportunity to compete for the grand prize. But also additional chances to win substantial amounts of Dh75,000, Dh50,000, and Dh25,000 in the raffle draw. Each ticket offers a dual opportunity, expanding the potential for victory and bringing about transformative changes in the lives of the fortunate winners.

Taking place every Saturday at 9pm UAE time, the inaugural game of FAST5 will be broadcast live on May 27.Moreover, it presents participants with the prospect of engaging in three captivating games each week. Notably, MEGA7 claims the spotlight with its grand prize of Dh100 million, while EASY6 offers a weekly draw with a grand prize of Dh15 million.

How to be a part of the Emirates Draw?

Participants can register online or through the app by purchasing a Dh25 ticket. They can choose their preferred five digit numbers from a pool of only 42 balls. Alternatively, they can opt to randomly select numbers via the ‘Quick Pick’ button. Moreover, they can choose either the current draw or opt for “Multiple Upcoming Draws.” It allows them to plan up to five consecutive weeks in advance.

Paul Chader, the Head of Marketing at Emirates Draw, emphasizes the extraordinary opportunities afforded by FAST5. Through a Dh25 ticket, players can transform their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Moreover they can fulfill their aspirations of owning a mortgage free dream home, and contribute to meaningful causes. FAST5 ensures that winners from diverse backgrounds receive a consistent and reliable source of income.

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