Saturday, December 2, 2023

UAE Drivers Rewarded With Free Fuel Cards for Following Traffic Rules

In the city of Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), drivers who adhere to traffic rules are being acknowledged and rewarded with special fuel cards. This initiative aims to express gratitude and appreciation towards those who drive safely and responsibly.

The Happiness Patrol, a group dedicated to spreading joy and promoting a positive lifestyle, is behind this wonderful idea. Their main goal is to encourage good behavior on the road, ultimately making the streets safer for everyone.

This initiative is a joint effort by the Abu Dhabi Police and the Adnoc Distribution Company. They have collaborated to recognize and reward drivers who set a positive example by following traffic rules. To achieve this, they have distributed fuel cards to deserving drivers.

The fuel cards were presented in booklets, accompanied by real-life stories that emphasize the importance of obeying traffic laws. These stories underline the significance of adhering to traffic regulations in preserving lives and property.

Colonel Matar Abdullah Al-Mahiri, Director of the Al Ain Traffic Department, highlighted that this recognition serves as motivation for practicing responsible driving. Not only does it contribute to road safety, but it also inspires other drivers to adopt safe driving practices.

The drivers who were fortunate to receive these fuel cards are deeply appreciative of this thoughtful initiative by the Abu Dhabi Police and their partners. Everyone involved in this project shares a common goal: to raise awareness about safe driving practices and make the city’s roads safer for everyone.

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