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UAE Has Taken the Decision to Reduce Public Transport Fares

In numerous UAE emirates, public transport costs are among the lowest in the world. A single public transport ticket costs Dh7.5 in Dubai, Dh6 in Sharjah, Dh5 in Ras Al Khaimah, Dh3 in Ajman and Dh2 in Abu Dhabi, according to a report published by Picodi.

When compared to other major cities like London (Dh19), Berlin (Dh11.8), Melbourne (Dh11.6), New York (Dh10), Toronto (Dh8.7), and Paris (Dh8.25), the fares are significantly less expensive.

When compared to their average net wages, people who use public transport in Sao Paulo, Istanbul, London, Toronto, Paris, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Moscow, and Mumbai pay more for a monthly pass than people who live in Dubai.

The study’s monthly passes cover unlimited use of all modes of transport inside the municipal limits. It excluded cities where a single mode of transport is provided by many operators with wildly diverse pricing structures as well as those where a monthly pass cannot be purchased.

Many of Dubai’s thrifty citizens like taking public transport to driving their own cars. The Dubai Metro is the most well-liked way to travel while saving money, which has significantly increased the use of public transit in the emirate.

According to Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority, 621.4 million people used public transport in 2022, up 35% from the 461 million people who used it in 2021. This includes the metro, tram, public buses, marine transportation (ferry, water taxi and water bus), shared mobility (e-hail, smart car rentals and bus-on-demand) and taxis. Hassan Shaukat, a longtime resident of Dubai, frequently gives up his car in favor of public transportation since he can save money by switching the mode of transportation.

“I prefer to take the metro and other forms of public transport since it saves me money because I have to leave my car in a paid parking spot in a variety of locations for a considerable amount of time. I discovered that taking public transport in the emirate allowed me to save money when everything was said and done’, said Shaukat, a sales executive.

Despite having a driver’s license, M Mohsin, a worker in Dubai, uses the city’s public transportation system to get to his friends’ houses.

“I estimated that using public transport would result in a 20% reduction in my trip expenses. I save about 20% on transportation expenses when I factor in my monthly auto maintenance, fuel, and parking expenses. Additionally, the government encourages people to use public transport because it is a more environmentally friendly mode, said Mohsin.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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