Tuesday, June 18, 2024

UAE Is The World’s Third Hardest Working Country

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has secured a position as the third hardest working country in the world. Recent research conducted by Business Name Generator (BNG) sheds light on the unwavering dedication exhibited by UAE residents in their professional pursuits.

The study analyzed data from various countries, focusing on average weekly working hours and the percentage of individuals working 49 hours or more. The findings revealed that 46.5% of UAE workers devote such extended hours to their professions, underscoring the prevalent trend of surpassing traditional 9 to 5 boundaries in pursuit of goals and livelihoods.

Maltese, lead the global ranking with a percentage of 91% of their population dedicating over 50 hours per week to their professional endeavors. This work ethic demonstrates their unwavering commitment to their work and showcases their relentless dedication. The UAE follows closely behind, with residents averaging nearly 53 hours of work per week. Although the proportion of individuals working over 49 hours is slightly lower compared to other nations, the overall dedication displayed by UAE employees is undeniable.

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