Tuesday, March 5, 2024

UAE Passport Becomes World’s Strongest Passport with Access to 180 Countries

The Passport Index-2024 by Arton Capital, a global financial advisory firm, has identified the UAE passport as the most powerful in the world. This designation implies that individuals holding a UAE passport enjoy the privilege of visiting a remarkable 180 countries.

What makes this passport particularly advantageous is that it enables entry into 120 countries without the need for a visa beforehand, and for an additional 50 countries, one can either obtain a visa online or upon arrival.

Following closely behind, passports from Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and the Netherlands are ranked second, allowing access to 178 countries. These passports afford travelers the opportunity to explore a wide range of destinations without significant travel restrictions.

The third position is held by passports from Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Austria, and Switzerland, providing entry to 177 countries. The holders of these passports also benefit from relatively unrestricted global travel.

Passports from Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, and South Africa are in fourth place, granting entry to 176 countries. Travelers with these passports can explore a diverse array of countries with relative ease.

In fifth place are passports from Singapore, Greece, Norway, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Japan, and New Zealand, offering access to 175 countries. These passports facilitate international travel to a substantial number of destinations.

The ranking underscores the varying degrees of global mobility that different passports afford their holders, with the UAE passport currently holding the top spot as the most powerful in terms of global travel opportunities.

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