Sunday, October 1, 2023

UAE Passport Ranked 12th Globally with Access to 179 Countries Without A Visa

The UAE passport ranks 12th globally and 1st in the Middle East. It moved up three places in Henley & Partners powerful passport list, offering visa-free access to 179 countries. Over the past decade, the UAE passport has climbed 44 spots, from 56th in 2013 to its current position. The country’s passport allows travel to 107 additional destinations without a visa since 2013.

Chairman of Henley & Partners, attributes this achievement to the UAE’s expansion of travel freedom, adding 107 destinations since 2013. The country stands out in the GCC, being the only one among the top fifty in the index.

With an increased openness score of 80 points since 2018, the UAE passport’s allure is due to its extensive travel privileges, along with its business-friendly environment and favorable tax system.

Nomad Capitalist’s consulting firm uses five criteria to rank passports globally:

  • Travel without a Visa: The UAE passport allows entry to 181 destinations without a visa, either visa-free, upon arrival, or through an electronic travel permit.
  • Taxes on citizens: The UAE scores 50 in this criterion, meaning “zero taxes” for citizens.
  • Public perception: The firm considers global happiness reports, human development index, and subjective factors to assess how citizens of each country are received.
  • Dual nationality: UAE nationals often have the option to hold another nationality, earning a score of 30.
  • Personal freedom: This criterion relies on data and news reports on personal freedoms.

The UAE’s rise in passport rankings is a clear indication of its global influence and attractiveness as a travel destination. With the passport granting access to a number of countries without the hassle of visas, it offers its citizens vast opportunities for travel and business ventures worldwide.

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