Tuesday, October 3, 2023

UAE Passport Ranked 12th Globally with Access to 179 Countries Without a Visa

The UAE passport has been ranked 12th globally and is now considered the most powerful passport in the Middle East. It allows its holders to visit 179 destinations without the need for a visa. Over the past ten years, the UAE passport has made significant progress, climbing 44 places from 56th in 2013 to its current position. It is now ranked alongside the Cyprus passport.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Henley & Partners, Christian Kaelin, praised the UAE for adding 107 new destinations to the list that its passport holders can travel to without a visa since 2013. This impressive addition has contributed to the significant rise in its global passport ranking.

Among the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, the UAE is the only one to be ranked among the top fifty on the passport index.

The Henley Index measures the degree of openness of countries, and the UAE’s score has increased from 58 points to 80 points since 2018, placing it 55th in the world. This is due to the extensive travel freedom granted by the UAE passport, as well as the country’s business-friendly environment and favorable tax system, as stated by the index.

According to another consulting firm called Nomad Capitalist, which evaluates passport rankings for 199 countries, the UAE passport is highly regarded based on several criteria:

  1. Travelling without a visa: UAE passport holders can access 181 destinations without a visa, visa upon arrival, or an electronic travel permit.
  2. Taxes on citizens: The UAE passport scored well in this criterion, indicating “zero taxes” on its citizens.
  3. Public perception: Nomad Capitalist assessed how citizens from each country are received globally using happiness reports, the human development index, and subjective factors.
  4. Dual nationality: UAE nationals are often allowed to hold another nationality, which adds to the passport’s appeal.
  5. Personal freedom: This criterion is based on data and news reports on personal freedoms, which further enhances the value of the UAE passport.

Overall, the UAE passport’s rise in the global ranking is a testament to the country’s efforts in providing greater travel freedom and favorable conditions for its citizens.

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