Tuesday, October 3, 2023

UAE Residents to Enjoy an Extended Break as 3-Day Weekend Expected Dates Revealed

People living in the UAE have something to look forward to – a three-day weekend thanks to Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday on September 27. The special day is expected to be marked as a public holiday on September 29, but it depends on the sighting of the Moon. When the holiday falls on a Friday, like this year, people can enjoy a three-day weekend by also taking Saturday and Sunday off.

Another important public holiday is the UAE National Day on December 2-3. This holiday celebrates the country’s formation. This year, December 2 falls on a Friday, which means UAE residents will have another long weekend to enjoy.

For people living in the UAE, these public holidays are a wonderful chance to spend extra time with family and friends, learn about the country’s culture and history, and take part in various fun events and activities.

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