Tuesday, June 6, 2023

UAE to Pakistan Flights in Just Rs. 15,000 as Another Airline Announces Operations

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, a low-cost airline, has announced that it will soon be entering the Pakistani market. The airline will also expand its operations to India and other countries in the region. This move is aimed at tapping into the high demand for air travel between South Asia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It has remained a popular destination for tourists from the region.

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi’s Managing Director, Johan Eidhagen, stated: The airline will reveal the routes and flight schedules in the near future, following changes in the regulatory framework.

The airline also invited frequent travelers to join the Wizz Discount Club, which will offer special airfare deals. The prices are expected to go as low as AED 179. However, only club members will be eligible to avail of these discounted fares.

The Pakistan-UAE route is one of the busiest air routes in the region. It is due to the significant number of Pakistanis living and working in the UAE. Additionally, many tourists from Pakistan visit the Gulf country. Wizz Air Abu Dhabi’s entry into the market will provide affordable options.

Etihad Airways, Emirates, FlyDubai, and Air Arabia are currently operating flights on the Pakistan-UAE route. The entry of Wizz Air Abu Dhabi into the market is expected to give tough competition to these established airlines. Last year, Wizz Air transported over 1.2 million passengers on over 6,000 flights.

The announcement of discounted fares by Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is good news for travelers who have been bearing the brunt of skyrocketing prices of flight tickets. The UAE and Pakistan have close ties, and this move by Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is expected to further strengthen the ties between the two countries.

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