Friday, December 8, 2023

UAE’s Drone Industry Actively Hiring with Salaries in Millions

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is experiencing a surge in the drone industry, offering promising job opportunities for technology experts. Skilled professionals working in the drone sector in the UAE can earn substantial salaries, with some making more than 30,000 AED (approximately Rs2.2 million) per month.

The demand for tech experts in various fields is rising, and drone operators can earn between 4,800 AED to 13,700 AED per month. Engineers specializing in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can make between 22,000 AED and 25,000 AED, and those with advanced skills in engineering and artificial intelligence can earn even more, exceeding 25,000 AED.

Economic Research Institutes suggest that employees in this field can potentially earn above 30,000 AED per month by incorporating expertise in artificial intelligence.

The UAE’s UAV industry is growing, with companies recognizing the potential of drone technologies. The sector is valued at around 1.1 billion dollars, and Dubai’s Silicon Oasis hub serves as a manufacturing center for drones, established in 2022.

There are various applications for drones in the UAE, from agriculture, where they monitor plant health and analyze crop yields, to industries like mining and exploration for resource surveying. Drones are also being used for recreational activities and are of interest in the monitoring and security sectors.

Companies in the UAE are actively recruiting professionals such as structural engineers, AI developers, materials scientists, and UAV quality control engineers to support these diverse drone applications.

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