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UAE’s First Scratch Card Game Wants You to Become a Millionaire For Eid Al Fitr

Here are some examples of how Dream Island is upholding its commitment to helping you realise your dreams, whether they involve a dream vacation, a brand-new car, a new home, or a brand-new start with your own business. Dream Island recently opened a new store on one of Abu Dhabi’s busiest streets and has given away large cash prizes totaling Dh 50,000.

Big cash prizes

Since the start of 2023, Dream Island’s scratch card games have changed the lives of its winners, each taking home cash prizes with amounts starting from dh10,000. The biggest winner as of April 2023, Didarul Alam, won dh50,000 on April 10, just days before Eid al Fitr. According to Alam, Dream Island made this year’s Eid a very happy one. He intends to use his prize in a quick getaway and set up his own business shortly.

At the start of Ramadan, Dream Island launched its Electra Street shop, its third location overall and the company’s first outlet outside of the Abu Dhabi International Airport. The atmosphere of Dream Island’s Electra Street shop just hits differently because of the location’s prominence and accessibility, especially in the evenings when the digital screens are enticing you to play inside and maybe walk out a millionaire.

Other scratch-off cards besides Lucky 7

Dream Island’s Lucky 7 scratch card, which costs just Dh 50, offers players the chance to win 20,000 times more than their initial investment thanks to a massive Dh 1,000,000 prize that is still up for grabs. You may always try the online scratch card games on, where you can select from 15 different game categories at various pricing points, if you can’t get to the closest Dream Island store.

More chances to win

Dream Island offers you more chances to win because we want you to become a billionaire and lead the life of your dreams. Dream Island is the first online arcade in the area, offering a variety of play-for-cash strategy and guessing games set against a background of vibrant visuals and animated gameplay in addition to the physical and virtual scratch cards. You have the opportunity to win Dh 1,000,000 every other Friday in the Dream Island Lucky Day draw.

Other stores in the Emirates

Dream Island’s development plans for 2023 are well on, and in addition to the stores now open in Abu Dhabi, new locations are scheduled to open throughout the Emirates to keep the fun, excitement, and cash awards coming.

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