Wednesday, October 4, 2023

UAE’s Food Delivery Company’s CEO Becomes Rider for a Day, Learns Problems Riders Face Everyday

The CEO of a delivery company called Talabat decided to spend a morning doing deliveries last week. He was surprised when his phone became too hot just two minutes after he put it on the holder of his bike, and he didn’t know where to go!Luckily, a new rider named Tomaso Rodriguez, who recently got his motorbike license in the UAE, received a lot of help from other riders.

They didn’t realize that he was actually their boss.The CEO wanted to experience the work that the delivery riders do, and he found it difficult but satisfying.”It wasn’t easy, but it was definitely rewarding to see what these heroes do to make people’s lives easier,” he said in an interview.

Most importantly, it helped him understand the problems and challenges the riders face. This allowed him to work with his teams to find ways to solve these issues and make the experience better for the riders. Some things you can’t learn just from numbers and charts – you have to experience them yourself.

According to Tomaso, the most difficult part of the experience was dealing with the heat. Riding the bike itself wasn’t a problem because the wind was refreshing, but waiting for orders outside was challenging. Finding a place to park was also difficult.

In some areas, buildings don’t allow the riders to park in the basements, and they can’t park on the streets either. Overall, it was challenging to figure out where the buildings were, where the vendors were located, where to wait, and where to park.

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